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Happy New Year!

Today is the last day of 2015.  It was a year filled with unexpected miracles, love, kindness, and generosity.  Yes, there was a painful surgery for Michael.  A bi-lateral hip surgery that was more painful for him then his spinal fusion in 2014.    Yes, we experienced struggles, sadness, and financial difficulty.  But when we look back at 2015, those are all just small pieces of our spectacular year.

Not only do we feel blessed by Pope Francis and his decision to stop to bless Michael, but all of the blessings that followed: The hundreds of donations to our crowdrise, many of which came with beautiful notes that inspired and touched us, the kindness so many friends, family and even strangers have shown to us, the emails, letters and gifts that continue to come to our home from friends and strangers alike, and the love our church family has shown us.

So often, being a parent of a child with special needs is lonely.  The outpouring of love that has been shown to Michael and our family since September has made us feel much less lonely.  We see how many people are here for not only Michael, but for our entire family.

Thank you all for your kindness, prayers, love and generosity!  You’ve been a huge part of a year we will never forget!

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  1. Kristin – you and your family are such an inspiration and proof that God chooses the right families for His special children. God bless you all with a wonderful 2016. Hope to get to see you all soon (and I don’t mean at duPont of course!)

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