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One of the most common questions we are asked is if a miracle has happened to Michael since the Pope’s blessing in September. One of the very fortunate children kissed by Pope Francis has reported a miracle, and with this news, people are asking more and more.  Pope’s Miracle

Our answer to this is simple – yes!  Our life has been filled with miracles since Pope Francis blessed our son.  We have been met with kindness from thousands of strangers – hundreds of which have sent us letters, pictures, gifts and generous checks.  We’ve been stopped on the street by people that just want to let us know they’re praying for us and they support us.

We were contacted by a Pennsylvania Senator who wanted work on our behalf to pursue the stipend we never got from Kansas when we adopted a child with special needs.

We were treated with great respect and friendship by every reporter and cameraman who talked about Michael’s blessing with us.  We continue to have people interested in Michael’s story.

Has Michael started to walk or talk? No, but those aren’t the only miracles that exist.  The feeling of love and support our family has experienced since Pope Francis blessed Michael has been an abundant blessing.  We are so appreciative for the many people who have reached out to us. You are our miracle.

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