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Your Continued Kindness

With 14+ inches of snow expected today, all 5 of us are home!  While we’re not looking forward to making up a school day in June, it was a good opportunity for Chuck and I to complete a phone interview with CNN religion reporter, Daniel Burke.

Sharing how Michael’s Blessing has changed our family and our outlook on life is always hard to put into words. It continues to amaze us when friends and strangers alike will share where they were or what they were doing when Michael was blessed.  We shared with Daniel how Pope Francis’ blessing of Michael will stay with us forever…Not only the memory of the event, but what happened in the days, months and years following.

The many kindnesses shown to Michael and our entire family will be treasured always.  It’s those acts of kindness from you that keep us going.  Those letters, emails and conversations remind us of your prayers for Michael and our family. Your kindness is there when you take the time to ask how we’re doing.  It’s also when you watch over our three beautiful children; at school, on the turf, at church, and in the music room.  Our family has been blessed not only by Pope Francis, but by all of you who care for and about us.

This morning’s interview reminded us how your kindness continues to bless and support us each and every day.

One thought on “Your Continued Kindness

  1. Kristen I was so moved with tears when I saw your family being blessed by the Pope. Yesterday I was cleaning out my magazines with Maura and we came across the Bishop Shanahan book with your family on the cover with sister Plunkett and the Pope. I will keep this of coarse,I am so glad to know you and your family. Katie has been in our conversation every day. She is a great friend to my girls. I am so glad! Your in our prayers if we can help u in anyway let me know. My mom is in a bad way. We have moved her to my sisters till we can get her a bed at little sisters of the poor. My mom has been very challenging and missing the point of why we want her to go to little sisters of the poor. I am praying that she can not think of herself and help others at little sisters. But I am not getting through. Leaving it in God’s hands. Thank you for letting me see your family and what you guys do for your kids. Your wonderful parents and teachers .I wanted to tell u this along time ago but didn’t. Sue leardi😉🙏

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